HMMM – mint. I gonna try and

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HMMM – mint. I gonna try and put some in pots around my house and see if that keeps him from chewing the wood siding. He has tons of toys and our other dog to play with and he still chews wood. He finds branches to chew as well. I give him kongs filled w/ peanut butter when he is in his crate but I don’t want to give him that stuff when he out w/ our other dog. They are always feed seperately to prevent any fights. I been spraying the deterent spray on the walls and that seems to help some.

He also seems to not like toys that he can not destroy. He plays w/ them for a bit then goes and finds something he can tear apart. I have started pulling caps and rings off water bottles and the lables and let him smash them up before they go in the recycleables, but I have to watch him to make sure he doesn’t break off any of the plastic.