Hi yaminpix, thank you very


Hi yaminpix, thank you very much for your comment!

Your message made me feel better because I can relate to you and stop stressing that much for my dog. The area where we live is very safe, and anyways someone is there to watch them, and make sure that they don’t go too far, because they love to chase opposum, and small animals (but in our island we don’t have any predator or dangerous snakes…so it is very safe for them). When she leaves she puts my dog inside my house, and as you told me, as soon as I come back home, i spent time with them. We go for long walks, we play ball, and fliper and I actually went with him last time to the river loool…which was an great experience, even if he was veryyyy scared of water. I didnt want to push him into the water so he took his time, and after like 30 mns I carried him into the water but he didnt like it and jumped right after into a big stone to avoid the water lool.

For me the most important is that my dog is happy, and he looks just so happy here. Since we came he is always tired from playing with the other pup, and i can see that he is more balanced then when we were in canada. Even thoe I exerciced him like crazy in canada, ihe was still confined in a small apartment and the cold was not really his favorite thing!!!

What about you? Do you still have the same dogs? You live in the city now?