Hi, well i read again what I


Hi, well i read again what I wrote in my initial message and I guess that it was really not clear. I am sorry but english is not my first language and it is very difficult for me to actually express what i want in proper way. I can understand why you did interpret that way, but i was just very upset because I am a very  good owner and I was just asking a question.

No my dog don’t go over by himself! Someone is here with him when I am not home.

My fiance and I just mooved in dominica and it is very hard for us to settle down properly so we are not able to be at home as much as we used to, but it is only for now, because we have to work hard and run everywhere for papers and immigration and everything.

And if i was a bad owner I would not even mind asking a question about the well being of my dog.

U cannot compare the US to here. Here there is no daycare lol. It is a caribean country and people dont really have this culture. Here dogs are mostly protective dogs. And when I said that the property is fenced, again here nobody can come inside the property bcause first of all people are really scared of pits, and because here everyone has many guns to protect their houses, so people dont really dare walking into a property.

Again it is very different from the US.

The only thing that i wanted to say is that my dog used to be everyyyyyyyyytime with me, but now i cannot spend that amount of time with him. And since we have a big garden and an other dog, i was wondering if it was good for him to be with this dog in the garden everyday, even if someone is with them. Because I also educate my dog to be very closed to us and i was quite sad to imagine that he could get more independant with time. I tought of keeping him in the house while i wasnt there, but then maybe it is not a good thing to lock him inside the house for the all agfternoon knowing that someone is there to watch them, and that he seems very happy in the garden with his little friend.

He actually got even calmer and even more balanced since he is here.

So again sorry for the missunderstanding, but it would be better to ask questions before.