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Hi Kayla’s Mom

You have given me lots of good advice so far about my little Ruby (and I have my older lady Kenzi) Ruby is still being a crazy puppy trying to engage Kenzi to play and thats been a full time job keeping them at a low roar, however I have been trying to potty train her, which has been a strange thing bc she literally holds her stuff in until i come back in the house & go the second we get in…she has started to pee outside, but not regularly, i have her in a crate when i go out (also to keep the 2 dogs seperate) and when i come in I take her out, along w kenzi, and praise kenzi when she goes hoping Ruby will catch on & shes not that interested…if i stay out with her for abt 45 mins shell finally pee, but not poop…the worst part is that i can see her holding it which is so sad 🙁 i tell her to “go peepee” and she looks at me and I tell her that again then she’ll start sniffing like shes gonna go then shell painfully hold it…when she finally goes (IF she goes) I praise her TONS but then we’ll go upstairs and shell poop….

I know she wants to be a good girl, but what can i do?? ive sprayed that puppy attractant that i spray on her weewee pads and that doesnt do it…i run her down 3 flights of stairs when i see her sniff, and she holds it so that isnt working…


any ideas?