Hi, I’ve had several similar

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Hi, I’ve had several similar experiences and sympathize with all of you. Back to Ring other red nose question. At this point you’ve filed a complaint with the police department and if you’ve documented each encounter you should be able to get a restraining order to keep him and his dogs 100 ft from you. If you haven’t been able to do that the only thing I can suggest is keep your dog muzzled, because he’s looking for a lawsuit, and by bear repellant or mace. If he and the dogs jump at you again, turn you and your dog around and spray the mace. The police should back you up and if they are called it is self-defense in fear of dog attack. The over spray will not only get the dogs but him as well. He is not likely to do it again. I also have a friend that has a dog aggressive Shepard, she always keeps him leashed and muzzled but that doesn’t’ keep other dogs away. She trained her dog to get used to an air horn. It takes a while, but invariably it works. The other dogs run while Carbon waits patiently. Please let us know if your problem has been resolved or if your still having this issue.