HI, I too just got the first

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HI, I too just got the first Pit myself. He was a stray, showed up at our house. My dogs were  agressive toward him and he just sat there and looked on. We introduced them, my Labs on one side of the fence and Spike on the other side. One day when I was at work my daughter sent me a pic message over the cell phone. All dogs together in the house.I thought OMG. but all went well, even my cats are still around, they are now used to Spike and don’t run away no more. Spike is very good with all other animals, as far as we know. Kids the same way. When he showed up at our house we had a party and there were kids running around. After he ate and got some water her ran after the kid, I was afraid, but, nothing. He played with the kids all afternoon. If they would wonder off, her was right by their side. All in the upbringing and socializing.