Hi! I can only say from my

raisins mom

Hi! I can only say from my experience I was turned down by several insurance companies when I said my dog was a Pitbull Mix. Luckily my insurance agent only put what we believed he was mixed with to get me insurance. I’m not sure what the extra amount was since it was added to my homeowners. I carried the maximum allowed (although I never had to use it).
I haven’t added Raisin to my policy yet but I keep my dog in the house and crated when I am not home and he is never off leash exept when I let him in the backyard.
I love my lil Pitty mixes. This is my 2nd and my parents have one as well. Key to them Socialize, Socialize, Socialize with people and pets. The key is to be a responsible owner.
You most likely will encounter people who do not want yer Pitty near them. To them I respect their feelings and move on. I always have my dogs contained and well behaved so there is no reason to complain about them.
Good luck in your search for the perfect Pitty. And kudos to you on doing your research!!! Many people don’t and regret it later.