Hi folks, This is my first


Hi folks,

This is my first post, so bear with me if I am posting under the wrong subject.

My problem may be not so much which collar to use, but how to get my pups to walk on leash outside the perimeters of our yard! Both pups are four months old. I trained them to walk on a leash in our back and front yards, and both do great…..as long as we stay in the yard. If I try to advance them to walking down the street, my boy, Buddy, slams down on his belly and uses his front paws as a braking mechanism. My red-nose girl, Molly, waits till we get to the edge of the our property, then straightens all four legs, stops, and stares at me with her green, old-soul eyes – by her expression, one would think I am asking her to roll over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

I’ve been using choke collars, since they were recommended by our vet. Is there a better collar to use? Could the collar possibly be our problem?As I wrote, they both do great….inthe yard.

BTW, I live in a wonderful, dog-friendly, city neighborhood. That’s one of the main reasons I moved here 23 years ago. The only traffic on our street is the locals. The problem can’t be other pets, because my pups were raised with two cats, an elderly poodle and their self-proclaimed pack leader, a seven-pound Peekapoo.

If there is a better collar (harnesses, perhaps?), please tell me. Otherwise, I may need to start a new thread, eh?

Thanks for having patience with a newbie!