Hi Amber, thanks for the

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Hi Amber, thanks for the post. She has really never been around other dogs except Max. I don’t know her history before the adoption except that a couple had her in a rental and the landlord said that they could not keep her. She was at SPCA only about a week before we chose her. We brough her home and she got along with our 3 small dogs except she was so much bigger than they were. She was healing from her operation, so we did not want to put her with Max right away. We keep the big dogs at my mother-in-law who is 87. We go every day and spend time with them. Zeva is a very sweet and playful pit and likes to play and even fetch. Its just latley that she has begun to challenge Max. We take her for a walk and she ignores other dogs and people. It may be just the pit in her.