Hi again, so sorry ive been


Hi again,

so sorry ive been so busy with the packing and stuff, but thanks so much for your message. It felt really good to see that someone that I dont even know cared enough to answer me!

I spoke to my neighbour today and she was like ”Let the dog with me hell be fine”, then I couldnt help it I just cried. So my fiance kept talking with her cause I couldnt face the situation. And you know, here in the caribean, t is the same than my country algeria, or any african countres, people dont really give that much importance to dogs. So Tessa was like ”but its just a dog, when she saw me cry”. But as you say, when you have a wonderful dog, you cant help it, hes just part of the family.

But as you say I have to stay positive. The worst I can do is show Jazz that Im sad cause he will feel it and propably feel anxious about it. I just have to make sure that I contact Tessa everytime to see if Jazz is doing ok, give her money to take care of him, and come as much as I can to visit them.

And anws it will be for maximum a year I guess.

I just hope that Jazz dont forget us, my mum said that dogs never forget their owners and when we will be back, hell just be like nothing ever happened. I WANT TO BELIEVE HER.

I just feel sooo guilty because it is our responsability and I didnt want to ever leave Jazz with someone else then us, specially for a year.


Anws I hope that you and your family and doggie are doing fine. TC