Hi again!  Although your


Hi again!  Although your neighbor is super-wonderful for caring for your dog while you are away, it is a bummer to hear things like, “‘while your gone, Jazz was so sad, crying everyday and  wouldnt eat that much.”  I am sure there were also many happy moments where the dog had fun playing with the other dog or did cute things.  It shocks me at how emotional pitbulls can be!  I know my dog pouts when we go somewhere – when she is not going along – they really are part of the family.  However, the dogs are also resilliant (spelling?) – and can & will adjust.  Maybe ask your awesome neighbor to let you know about the cute things the dog does or happy moments the dog seems to have while you are away.  Let that neighbor know – that when you learn the dog was seemed sad – it makes you incredibly sad and that it makes you feel guilty for leaving the dog – maybe the neighbor can keep the little  things that will only hurt you emotionally – to themselves.  Of course – if the dog is injured or there is a real problem – you will need to know.  You and the dog will go through an adjustment period – but you will both get through this.  Just know in your heart – that you love that dog – and you are doing everything in your power to do right by that dog.  Keep your priorites in order, take any necessary precautions, and by all means stay positive and know that you are doing the best you can!!!