Hi, 6 month is not old

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Hi, 6 month is not old enought for any dog to be house broken. My younger Lab still gets crated (she is about 10 month)   they do not have the control yet. My advice is, when ur home take molly out every half hour or so and let her do her stuff, talk to her.I know it sounds stupid, but I did it too. When u go out crate her, she won’t mess in her crate. At about one year u can try to leave her out when u leave the house. I’m one to talk, now that school is out Im so used to my daughter being home, I forgot to put my young one in the crate. Im sure I will have to do some cleaning when I get home.LOL It all will take time! If u will take the time it takes, u will have a grate dog! Oh yeah, I don’t just have Labs, I got adopted by a wonderful Pit a couple of month ago