Hey you! Thanks for the


Hey you!

Thanks for the reply, it felt better. As you are saying it is always better to stay positive and as my fiance is saying, aint like were leaving Jazz in a shelter for a year. He will be with someone he knows and has like 4 hc to run all over the place with an other dog.

Of course, without being selfish I will be real sad because  my dog is so important to me, and we took so much time, money and energy to make sure he is well behaved, that I dont want him to loose everything while I wont be there to make sure he stays well behaved. Because our neighbor has nooooooooo clue wutsoever on how to be a good pack leader, and that is the thing that worries me. Even if I try to explain to her she wont listen on that.

Also Jazz stayed with her a couple of time (not more then few weeks) and she always would be like, ”while your gone, Jazz was so sad, crying everyday and wouldnt eat that much”.

As you are saying, and I even saw that on Cesar, dogs may not have the capacity  of knowing how much time has gone. But I have to be stronger and I should not show him that I am sad or that I am leaving him, or even that I am anxious about it cause then he might feel it and express it back, which would be worst.