Hey. What I have found over


Hey. What I have found over yrs is dogs, like people thrive on good food better than on junk, and unfortunately good cost more. I have had good luck in past with the median priced foods, Pro Plan, Iams etc.. I especially like lamb and rice mixes. If u can find Precise Food there it is good, but hard to find. It can be a little trying to find a food that works good for your dog and fits budget too. If he will eat it, a small carrot as a treat can help. (Don’t overdo it) some dogs won’t eat them tho. I am using Wellness brand fish base right now and it is working for skin issues, but not cheap. My Sadie is a recent rescue with lots of neglect related health issues, but I knew that going in. Just gotta make sure main ingredient is good quality meat. I try to avoid a lot of corn. Hang in there and u will find something that works