Hey so happy to hear u and


Hey so happy to hear u and jeune are working better together with eye contact. girls are always most receptive to subtle things and she’ll always look in your eyes for the rest of her life the more u use it. ur girl feels u more than she hears you.
so far i see that her main cause for acting up is anxiety. not easily fixed by tossing her a new bone once in a while. chewing is the flower when anxiety is the root.
my dog jessie had little symptoms of this when she was a young BIG puppy.. she would bark when we left,,,i used a crate. not for punishment but actually for her to have a protected space for her to only lay down and chill. some dogs bark the whole time,,most just a few minutes… ur crate would have to be a big one,,, just one idea again helping a portion of the issue. as she got better and could leave her for limited times which increase, i would section her off to a safe room. mostly her stuff and a few things as bait that we didnt care about. her stuff meaning things to use her energy on,,like ur ball with food. TV on or radio helps always.. sounds funny but classical music is best….
she seems crazy when it is time for her to go out,,,, something is not right with her connection to going outside,,it makes her feel desperate. that is sad way to start the day.
she has abandonment issues of course, six months in a shelter is a long time. as for the dogs next door, she can hang with the through the fence safely as my dogs do. still stimulating for them.
the funny thing is most of the time we call it boredom but dogs naturally should just consider it downtime and go with it.
jeune bug just has u on the brain all day,,which is very sweet and loyal but its making her crazy poor thing. first off no guilt! she is a dog. her job is to hang home and guard the house. every dog needs a job. focusing on the moment is healthy… she is focused soley on what time u get home…
i think she needs a helping of tough love and finding a purpose for her day…dogs love and depend on structure and routine.
treats hidden in the yard,,awesome idea…it works, lets build on that. how about hiding her whole meal throughout the yard for a while. im sure u can figure a way to break up her food into little areas and have her search…so far she is a search dog.. naturally ..
search dogs are hunters,,bull breeds have unreal sense of smell and the mental stimulation only lets her be in the moment = perfect.
i owned a southern bred dog that was a male but was her clone…i see her not to be a fighting dog but really a hunting/guard dog… let her know it and own it so she can be herself,,,which she lost along the way. at 2 dogs shouldnt chew of course she is signalling u as well how severe she feels when ur gone so long.
in the first stages, leave for a few minutes,,come back sit her,,good girl ect. if she doesnt chew pop her a treat. move up her alone time to whatever u feel is within reason maybe 5 mins, then 7 then 10..if she sees that mom is going to be back at any moment,,,she will choose not to get caught and find something else to do and think about,,,dogs are kids that cant talk,,,they act we respond
do that on the weekend and she will start saying well..mom goes and leaves me and sometimes comes back quick,,,easier to get through the time if u are probably coming sooner than later,,,but shell start loosing track of time and the whole deal will be gone someday. start slow and let me know what u get to on that.
some dogs dont like being outside for too long… flipping the water in private is her saying let me in im done out here… shes not there yet… tough love time with the water bowl…
my florida dogs did that.. i tried lots of things but 1 sure method to start with is outside, take a 4 foot by 4 foot sheet of plywood, glue a metal bowl (crazy glue) to it in the center. when her paws are on the wood she cant tip the bowl..lol man vs dog if she gets to flip the wood at the edges (most dont) dig the plywood a couple inches in the ground or something heavy on it ,,,she’ll get the hint.
keeping her happy out side is one thing,,the goal is to get her to be good inside with her free time. the flirt pole is going to help her so much and her shape will be perfect…60 mins of walking or 15 on the flirt pole.. best investment ever! use it like in yummymommy79’s vid,,she gets the dogs crazy
also make her sit and praise when she gets it.. make her drop,,stay and get it when u say its time to go again,,structure ,,,
its a start,,let me know how she does in the house trials … i want her to be able to balance in and out some first, ok?
glad to hear from u and asking questions is helping the breed.