Hey man, my name’s Stephen,

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Hey man, my name’s Stephen, I’m 27 and I also live in the Valley. I just acquired a pit mix from the shelter. His name is Trigger, he is a mix with either a border collie or a brittany spaniel, so he is rather smart, but still a little timid. He is 2 years old and was in the shelter for 2 months after his previous family abandoned him without giving a reason. So far he has had a pretty good temperament with people and dogs, but you can tell he is still really scared. The pitbull body language is so hard to read! I can’t tell if he’s good with others yet, but I try to keep meetings short so nothing can get out of hand…he has yet to do anything more than lunge slightly one time.

I don’t know if meeting up would be a great idea just yet, seeing as I am still doing some basic training, but I would love to introduce the pups eventually.

Whereabouts do you live? I am out in Reseda and I work in North Hollywood.