Hey guys! I read all your


Hey guys! I read all your comments, My  dog is very well behaved, but also very independant (if he does not wanna do some, he wont)…but since few months we mooved in a new place where there is already this  other dog from our neighbour, and he is only 8 months. He is very very smart and nice, but then when it comes to behaving, forget about it. I see that he is willing to learn, but it is still hard, The two of them are just alwaysssssssss together, they just get along soooooooo perfectly.

The thing is that most of the time, we would want to spend some quite time with our dog, but the other one get very jealous and always comes to have his share of kissing and loving.

So we started to only allow our dog into the house…but then I am afraid it would lead to some serious jealousy issues. Do you think that this dog understands that he is not our dog, and so he has more restrictions then our dog?

What should we do to make understand this dog that he is not supose to come between us and our dog, knowing that our dog dont really have any problem with sharing(he even shares his food and water).

It is one thing to train a dog, but it is very difficult to train one that is not yours, especially since we only know him since few months.

Thanks guys