He’s had his surgery now. I

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He’s had his surgery now. I honestly don’t think it is My Pit starting it. I have watched them closely and my begal mix (sp?) Is the one who growls first which starts my pit up… Im getting my other dog fixed as soon as I get paid this go round to see if it helps…because I had my pit in the cage/crate thing when my mom brought my other dog back to me and he sniffed Kota (pit) and instantly started growling… and of course made kota mad…Its hard having to have them live 2 separate lives when they used to sleep,eat and play together all the time…Its driving me nuts… I don’t want to get rid of either they are both like my children esp my pit he sleeps,eats, and cuddles with me since my husband has been deployed with out him i dont think i could make it thru this deployment…