Here’s an update on some


Here’s an update on some ideas that were thrown around between my friends and I about pit bull advocacy and BSL education:

–> Idea #1: Hold an anti-BSL Walk-a-thon where every type of dog and responsible dog owner can take part.   Encourage people to set up booths in which BSL literature can be disseminated to educate people on the futility of these laws.  Also, there should be booths that cater to advocating any breed that BSL discriminates.

–> Idea #2: Join or create a community (local) anti-BSL group and write as many letters to your State legislators (and local government officials if need be) to either STOP BSL being passed or REPEAL current BSL laws in your state and/or community.  Also, try to send the same message (concern) to all news media outlets (both print and and local-TV) to not only voice your opinion, but include emperical evidence (i.e., statistics, research articles, etc.) that explain why BSL does not work.  It is always good to send in stories along with the message so people will make apositive connection with your message.  Try one step further and see if your anti-BSL group can speak during a city meeting to drive your message to the community.

Idea #3: Hand out flyers to your local pet stores, groomers, vets (even the bulletin board at Panera Bread!) explaining why BSL is discriminatory, futile, and just plain cruel!  Include resources (websites, anti-BSL groups, animal advocacy groups) that people can go to for more information.  Make sure to include this website, and other pit bull advocacy sites to further show people that BSL dwindles any chance of a good, loving pit bull finding a forever home, finding a good life, and more importantly, having the chance to live a life at all.