Hello!  I’m not to certain on


Hello!  I’m not to certain on what advice to share with you regarding the crate issue~however, it certainly sounds like your doing a lot of right things already!  As for the biting~she will grow out of it. I have a 8 month old Blue Nose Pit bull (Sammie the Bull) and she use to bite everyone~and her favorite chew toy was my feet!! And those baby teeth are like razors! She doesn’t bite hardly at all anymore so thank you God for rescuing me from that! However, she is such a handful and the biting issue was just one of her bad habits…….She barks (how dare someone ring my doorbell…:), jumps on people (including my 84 yr. old Mom), chews up items around the house/yard…..She is my 6th Pit bull and by far she is the hardest to train. Good luck to you! If you have any tips on my situation please pass them my way!!


Thank you!  1Bully Babe (Karen)