Hello everyone!  I’m new to


Hello everyone!  I’m new to the community but I wanted to share my 2-cents on some things I read here. 

First, Rebeccajoshuaoshea, what we did when we had out pit before our baby was bring a blanket home from the hospital before the baby so Chiba(the dog) could smell it and learn the new smell in the house.  We also made the baby’s room off limits.  When we did bring Emma home, Chiba welcomed her with a sniff then went back to her spot on the couch.  She would actually wake me up if Emma was running a fever or something during the night and we were all sleeping (Emma included). 

tere047, I would have called the police and reported a threat.  Nobody is going to shoot my dog in my own back yard. 

Also, my friends had little dogs when we were little and I was scared of them.  They would growl and bite.  My family had Rotts and they never showed teeth to anyone unless you threatened a member of our family.  One of my friends actually had her nose bitten off by her Shi’tzu.  That was never in the news.

My pit is still a puppy so when we are walking, she still has the ‘puppy appeal’ but some people still look at me like I’m crazy.  People ask me if she’s a Boxer a LOT.  I always tell them she’s a Pit, and their demeanor with her changes.  All she wants is love.