Hello AyeCEE =)  My puppy did

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Hello AyeCEE =)  My puppy did this same thing, she still does some, but not nearly as often.  What we did with her is whenever she would latch on to one of my kids’ articles of clothing I would taker her completely away from the situation and tell her firmly ‘No Bite!’ and then giver her a toy to chew on. 

They chew a lot because of their teeth hurting them, like babies do.  Cloth toys help a lot because they can clamp down and apply a lot of pressure.  We have a rubber toy with a ‘squirrel tail’ looking thing on the end of it.  It’s a piece of fuzzy cloth and she loves it.  There is a picture of the toys we got her on my blog at bellathepitbull.blogspot.com

A good thing to do when she bites (while playing) is to stop play immediately and say ‘No bite!’ again.  Then turn your back to her and ignore her.  She’s still very young and all puppies chew and nip.  Hopefully you get some good responses here!

Hope that helps.

(I actually had to get up in the middle of this post and divert her from one of my daughter’s shoes.)