Hello all and thanks for the


Hello all and thanks for the replies/answers. 

I don’t have any opinion about the IQ of any dog owner I just tacked my message on this post.

The IQ or income of a dog owner can also be compared to car owners. Common sense if you have a big income you can run a big car. I expect a big dog eats more has bigger vet bills than a little pet. Pick the right Horses for the right courses… I have had nothing but denial from my local chump, so have reluctantly called the ‘man’  I thought there was maybe a few UK users owners on here. Seems if the poor animal is a pit/lab cross, it is an illegal dog in UK. So the outcome is predictable. I also understand the reluctance of any UK owners to speak up, Personaly I don’t see how the UK goverment can say all dogs of a particular breed are bad, but our goverment has some very strange ideas. Thanks again. Merry