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Having one pit with severe anxiety, I know how bad the destruction can get. My oldest pit chewed the vinyl off the house, destroyed 3 wire crates, and would pee/poop every time we left her. It got to a point where we were considering getting rid of her but because I was so attached, I decided to seek professional advice from my veterinarian. When I know that I’m going to be gone for long periods of time, I give her an herbal supplement to help calm her fears. And if it’s going to storm or be a period of time that’s longer than 6 hours, I give her a prescription sedative. I hate doing it but it knocks her down enough to where she doesn’t feel it necessary to destroy the house. The pills aren’t addictive so it isn’t as if she has to have the every day or every time we go out. In fact, she’s gotten a lot better since we started giving her the freedom to roam through the downstairs of the house while we’re gone. We were patient with her and she earned our trust. I always leave the TV or radio on so that she has noise and I leave without acknowledging her.

Just be patient! Every dog adjusts to a new setting in their own way. I hope the snugglepuppy helps! It wa a lifesaver for me when my oldest was a puppy because I wasn’t getting any sleep.