Haven’t been on here for


Haven’t been on here for awhile…but in the news in IA there have been LOTS of stories on, get this, PIT BULL ATTACKS?! What? Dare they report anything about a LAB or POODLE attack? Guess not…but that’s not going to sway my husband and I one way or the other. Our dog is a PIT BULL, and pretty darn proud of it! Has been through training, is NEVER without some sort of supervision, and is the most lovable dog we have ever known or owned. Here’s a story that’s posted on FB, for anyone wanting to read:

A few weeks ago, her owner let her outside to go to the bathroom, but Kibbles (female pit) kept going out behind the barn and barking like crazy! Kibble’s owner didn’t want to make the trek through the mud and cold to see what was going on and just called Kibbles back into the house.

Later that night, Kibbles went outside for another bathroom break and again went back to the barn and was barking like crazy. This time, when her owner called her back to the house, Kibbles was not alone! Gently clutched in her mouth was…a PUPPY!!!!! (a VERY large puppy!)

Kibbles was carefully carrying Bianca, a beautiful white husky mix puppy, who was only about 6 weeks old but weighed almost 15 pounds!!! That’s quite a mouthful!!!

Assuming that this puppy had been dumped on her farm, Kibble’s owner took the pup in, bathed, fed and cared for her. A few weeks later, she and Kibbles brought Bianca to the shelter so that we could find the loving permanent home she deserves.

Lo and behold, it has happened!! Bianca will go home with a loving family later this week. But I wanted to retell the story of this gentle, loving pitbull and how she saved the life of a pup who had been recklessly abandoned on someone’s farm.

The journey shared between these two loving creatures shows us how compassionate, nurturing and instinctive our canine friends can truly be! Thank you Kibbles for being Bianca’s guardian angel and best of luck to Bianca in her new home! 🙂