Has she been through any


Has she been through any training? As soon as we picked up our pit from a stray shelter (he’s about a year and 8 months now), he had a hard time walking–just cuz he was always excited. Not a really big puller, but still quite strong.

We have a leash that is 6 ft long, but also has a “traffic” handle, which is situated where the dog has to walk right by your side. During training, we’d have some extra special treats in our RH, having the traffic handle in our LH, and as we took a few steps at a time we’d say “heel” and then give a treat if he stayed by our side. Ours hasn’t quite picked up on this, but he walks well for the most part. (Just when there are critters around–rabbits and squirrels, does he get excited…but I think if we ignore those creatures he ignores them, too)