ha! i heart you


ha! i heart you kendseycollins i truely do. i was thiking the exact same thing earlier. i cannot help to sit on the floor and love on my pit, or roll on the floor with her when she is being silly, or play with her running around the atrium at midnight, (tonight) like a crazy person cause she is feeling frisky, or laying quietly as she wallers over me on the couch, or feeling like the worst person on the planet for leaving her home alone while i work extra long hours for the first time since i adopted her only to be greeted with such joy upon my return home for the erd time from work because i felt aweful not coming home to love her eventhough it wasted too much gas and too much tim and i would have been home early. yes that may have been the longest run on sentence ever uttered but i dont care. guess my iq is low tonight.