Ha ha!!  Here’s how well Kaos


Ha ha!!  Here’s how well Kaos does as a guard dog.  Kaos normally hangs out outside with us and he’s normally very good about just chillin in our garage and watching the kids play/cars go by.  However, the other day, he went galloping across the street to say hello to a lady that walks her dog by our house EVERY day.  Without thinking, I called out my customary, “Don’t worry, he’s friendly!” and went after him.  She just laughed and said, “Oh, I know he is, he’s just a big baby!”  I have no idea how she knows this (may need to have a serious talk with my kids.)  It tickled me because she is an older lady with a little ankle biter and used to be so afraid of Kaos she would cross the street entirely on her walks.  Unfortunatelly, if old ladies are calling my HUGE, BLOOD THIRSTY, PITBULL a baby, he has apparently NOT been informed that he’s NOT supposed to let the kids talk to strangers, or cross the street!