Great advice. I get those


Great advice. I get those looks from time to time, and it’s frustrating. Some people are simply afraid of dogs in general, and some are definitely breed biased. I’ve seen people pick their dogs up, etc. However, I’ve had lots positive response as well. We do lots of walks through downtown, and people know my dog by name now. It’s great!

Walking your well mannered dogs in public is a fine way to be an ambassador to the breed. I do the same sit/stay when other dogs are approaching. If it’s just people, I simply smile and keep moving, as if there’s nothing to worry about. Because there isn’t! Keep up the great work, and ignore the ignorance. Good luck!

PS –

Not that I’d ever say this to someone on the street, but I love this quote from a review of found on yelp:

two choices:

1) you can feed into the fear mongering media frenzy and stay a scared little bitch for the rest of your life,


2) you can really educate yourself about the breed by talking to veterinarians, animal behaviorists, dog trainers and bad rap.

ball’s in your court.