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Getting him fixed is not going to solve your behavior problems. I don’t know if you have ever owned pits before but from my experiences with them and my two they are extremely high energy dogs. They get crazy when they are not exercising enough. Mine have adjusted to their schedules now and are relaxing. My mom’s pit is 10months and she bounces off the walls if she’s not exercised. The barking and misbehaving is an attention getter. Like a screaming child. When you react to the screaming they pick up on that so they know if they scream then you will pay attention to them. So turn that to the dog and he is getting your attention every time even though it is to correct him it works. I seen someone mentioned bike runs but if he is not well trained with a leash that could be a bad idea. Also I have read somewhere I don’t remember where now but biking with them is not recommened for puppies they need to be almost a year old before you do that with them. It could cause long term damage. You want to exercise them to make them tired but you don’t want to push them to do something they are not physically ready for. He’s your dog so you can do what you want obviously but in my experience with all dogs its not always a good idea to over do it. Also try daycare. Sounds crazy maybe but he will be able to play with other dogs and I garuntee when you pick him up he will be beat.