first off lets get the facts


first off lets get the facts straight .. I would like to know where it is you live are you in a big city or on the out skirts.. also there are dogs that are just as big and bigger that would eat your poodle .. I own 2 pits and a german shepard and i will bet any money on it that your dog got scared and attacked the pit .. they dont start fights but will fight to win … also it is the responsability of the person that owns the dog to keep it undercontrol.. at all times when my dogs are home they are inside with me and when i let them out i am watching them at all times .. this goes for all dogs they should never be left to sit in the yard unsupervised… dogs escape mine have gotten out and i immediatly chase her or him down and bring them back .. stray dogs in the big cities are not pets they are like any other animal surviving in the world . I am sorry that you lost a pet … but how do you know it was a pitbull every time there is a attack if it has a musclcular body and a square blocky shaped head its a pitbull there are alot of dogs that are mixes with your faimly friend golden labs and yellow labs.. also labs have blocky heads if they are a true full bread dog.. there are way to many variables to say that all pitbulls are evil killers that is just ignorant .. people kill everyday so are alkl people evil killers… as for pits kill more than any other dog they are a strong powerfull dog and are being over breed and when you have more running around there are going to be more attacks by the so called pitbull.. also how is a shitzu going to kill anything that can fight back so of course there will be more damage done by any of the larger breed dogs.. my sisters golden retriever bit my daughter in the face for no reason other than she stuck her face down near his.. and if i wasnt there could the dog tried to attack her furthewr yes but i grabbed her and scruffed him to his side .. i dont trust any dog big or small around kids ever .. my dogs are supervised around my smaller children at all times or they are in there kennel… comes down to one thing responsible owners .. please take your hate and bring it to the poodle forum we dont want to here it in here you are evidently ignorant and narrow minded.. oh check your info also you may not like what you find but pits are way lower on the bite list than many other dogs and that a true statistic