Every morning it is a battle

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Every morning it is a battle getting Layla out of bed so i can give her a morning walk in the yard, (leashed in my own yard because my fence isnt secure). I swear she is a 16 year old girl rather than a 3 year old dog. She looks at me, complains with her sighing, vocalizations that sound like, AAAWWWW!!!! and OOOOOOOOOOO! i have to talk to her a lot to get her to get up. Yesterday morning she just would not do it. i even went sat on the floor petted her and talked to her. normally she will get up then. Nothing doing. I am not going to drag her out of her bed… so i went to work. When i returned home just as happy as pie to see me. I rushed to the back door opened it to let her out because i knew she had to…. apparently she was more interested in sniffing for lizards then chasing imaginary ones, then laying in the sun than peeing. It took her another hour to go. She didnt go in the house either. She did the same thing this morning. I dont know whats up with her LOL kids i tell ya!