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Roxy’s Mommy


Congrats on the new edition to your family.  I have a 5.5 year old female pit/boxer.  She has had a skin condition for 4 years now.  I found a website re dog food that rated all foods with stars to what is good & what is bad.  Beneful is what I used to feed my baby, I found it its really bad, I switched to Canade Beef-Fish Meal.  Roxy’s coat is alot more shiney & soft.  I guess the food really helped she dosent itch as much.  Also I use Earthbath Tea Tree Oil/Aloe it helps with her scratching.  Check with your vet to see if she might have a yeast infection, they can get this all over or if she just has dry skin.  Good Luck to you. 🙂