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Do you have a very dedicated friend who owns a dog?  Hire them, or bribe them 🙂  Take your dogs to a quiet spot to start.  Have your friend walk along a little ways behind you.  At first your dog will be very intense.  Ignore the other dog and keep walking.  Wait for your dog to start getting bored (this could take a while, which is why I asked if you have a dedicated friend.)  Every time his attention breaks away from the other dog reward him.  Eventually he will become accustomed to the other dog and go back to his normal self.  This will only effect this one walk at first, but keep up with this desensitization excercise.  Keep your friends dog far enough away that they can’t touch or anything, but close enough to be a distraction, also it’s very important that you ignore the other dog and KEEP WALKING.  As you repeat this training your dog will become less reactive.  Once your dog is easier to refocus, try it when out walking.  If your dog gives you his attention, reward him. If he does not, change directions and walk the other way, then continue changing directions until he does.  Don’t just stand still and attempt to discipline your dog, or to just ignore the behavior.  Tip: try this type of training AFTER a nice run so your dog isn’t so fresh. Once you get a little more comfortable refocusing him, look for other dogs to practice with.  If you see another dog walking towards you, turn and walk so they are following you.  Always reward your dog when his focus is not on the other dog. The more you get him used to walking arund other dogs, the more accustomed to it your dog will become.