Dear Reason, I thought about


Dear Reason,

I thought about not responding to your post at all and taking the higher road, but I would rather educate you.  Hopefully you are not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Scientist.  I am guessing you probably are not, because of your poor judgement.  Let me clarify the poor judgement comment, this has nothing to do with what you have said about the dogs it is because you have stereotyped the owners and the dogs.  You can never generalize anything; even in science, medicine, or law. 

Yes, I have met doctors who own pitbulls, my husband has a degree in animal science and also a degree in biology (technically, he is classified as a scientist).  I do not know any lawyers personally.

Yes, I have met people that make over 100k that own pitbulls (it is not that hard to make that much money with two incomes).  Maybe, you should have picked a higher figure? j/k However, money does not classify how someone cares for their animals, children, etc.

Any dog can be dangerous, it is all in how they are raised/treated.  In the end they are all animals.  Dogs and cats have been domesticated, but you still need to completely understand the animal to be a decent owner. 

“BTW, when a pit has its jaws clenched on another dog’s throat, how are you supposed to get it to uncleanch to pull it away? My case in point is that I am 100% positive there’s many here who could actually answer that question.” 

In response to the above question, read about the history of pitbulls.  Pitbulls were created to bull fight, later this turned into dog fighting.  However, the pitbulls were taught and breed to have a very good relationship with their owners, because the owners would break up the fight.  A human(owner) of the dog would go into the ring and pull the dogs apart.  Dog fighting is terrible (thank God it is illegal).  If my pitbull (I can never picture this occuring, because she is a submissive licker), had anything in her mouth including another dog’s throat I would be able to put my hand in her mouth and pull her jaw away.  Why? you ask, because I am her owner, and she respects me as the Alpha. 

I hope you do not own a dog (any dog), because you would not be a good owner.  This is not a case of breed, because I am sure if you find an abused Golden Retriever that has never been around smaller animals, you would have a mess on your hands.  Maybe you will be able to pry it’s teeth from the other dogs neck, but how did the dog get to that point anyway? 

The point of this site is to help this breed, and educate on how to be a good owner.  The bites/fighting/abuse the animal receives is all do to the owner.  It is not like we are adopting lions and then saying “I don’t understand why, my lion bit me.” 

I remember when I was in college and I heard about the pitbull puppy chewing a babies toes off.  The owners/parent’s of the child were high on drugs.  That is why that occured, the dog was never told no, and the baby I am sure was crying, but the parents were too high to realize.  That is not a responsible owner.