Congrats on this major


Congrats on this major undertaking. You seem to understand the road ahead with your new companion wont be an easy one but it is definitely do-able with time and patience.

If I were you I’d get as much info as possible about his background. Anything that can help you with how to train him so that he adjust with your family. Is he aggressive towards people in general or stand- offish? Is he trained at all (sit, stay come ect)?

My family had rescued a shar pei who seemed to have spent most her days in a kennel. She was severely under weight and scared to death of people.We are almost sure she was beaten around, seeing how she’d bolt from sudden movements.Now she is much better with now real issues (she is still a bit skittish and wary of strangers)

It’s really case by case. My suggestion would be to take it slow and if possible provide more info here so people may be able to help 🙂