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     Congrads on your new pit. I am also a new pit owner of a 6 month female name bella who is 3/4 pit and one quarter boxer. I have found that they are the best dogs ever. Bella and I just enrolled in puppy tranning and we start tommarrow. Just today she went in her create and layed in there i have never been so happy. The pitbull breed are dogs for people with a big heart and lots of love and you have a best friend forever. Do you just ask the vet for temperument test or how does that work I would love to get Bella tested so I can figure out her weak points. I  take her for walks in high people traffic areas. That is are downtown i live in small town in northern Michigan and she does not bother anyone. She loves to show her love. Are three year old daughter wants bella to be an airdock that she seen this summer. Enjoy and always so love.