come on now not fair at all


come on now not fair at all for the bully breed ,it is not their fault that they have a**holes for owners who don’t care or love ,only want them 4 show and to make aggressive,they are a very loving breed i no i have 2 pitties a mother an daughter both are an caring towards me an my family. one more thing if you do bann pits don’t forget labs or goldenretrivers ,and germanshephards to they bite more people then pits you just hear about it because people don’t say nothin when those dogs go wild an bite someone only pits which is bull****!!!!!!!!!!! i hope that law don’t pass here in BOSTON,MASS because thier are some cops here who own pitbulls too. like i said not the breed it the owner not bein responsible but bein irresponible. learn the truth about the breed before you condeem the breed and stop talkin s***!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY PITBULLS!!!!!!!!!!