Colton, Do you believe



Do you believe EVERYTHING that you read and see?  No dog just “turns on you” and attacks.  These are people who have unsocialized dogs, dogs that may be kept out on chains, unaltered, hit, and probably don’t know much about reading dog body language.  Dogs give us tons of signals before they “attack”; it is just a matter of knowing what to look for.  It really isn’t too complicated.  Basic body language is obvious.  If a kid is climbing all over the dog, tugging on the ears, and the dog is squirming…the dog is trying to get away.  Dogs react in all forms before they bite and attack.  That is their last resort. 

On the flip side of that, dogs who are ill or in pain also bite.  Other animals do too.  But, if you don’t properly care for your dog by taking him to the vet, feeding him properly, etc. etc., you won’t know something is wrong with your dog.   

The breed of dog has nothing to do with the behavior.  A dog’s owner makes his dog what the dog becomes.  If you just have a dog and don’t do anything with it, yes, you may have trouble on your hands at some point down the road.  Dogs are living, breathing creatures.  They need love, they need nurturing, they need education, they need rules, and the list goes on and on.  You don’t have a child just to let the child do what it wants.  You will end up with an unruly child.  A dog is what the human makes it. 

Notice that I keep using the generic term “dog”?  That is because this applies to all breeds.  Dogs need structure and they need a routine.  A dog will give you in return what you give it.

I think you better learn more about the breed by reading real information from real pit bull websites and learn to make your own educated decision and not listen to every Tom, Dick, and Harry.  You will find negative stuff everywhere for every breed.  Pits are the dog of choice for unreputable individuals at this time, and they are the ones making the news.  There are hundres upon thousands of good stories out there, but they will be hard to find because negative stuff is what people like you want to read and believe.

Humans do terrible things each and every day, but does that make us as a species horrible and not able to be trusted?  Nope.  Humans can make decisions on what is right from wrong.  Dogs need for us to teach them.  If a person isn’t teaching the dog right from wrong in a positive and safe manner, then you may have trouble.

Please educate yourself.