Chris968…you rock. I love


Chris968…you rock. I love that you go ahead and defend us dog park goers. I posted a reply argument toward the same “supposed” pit bull lover you did in another thread. I agree with you; my dog loves the park (in Michigan) and was raised going there every week (in California). I would never deny her the excitement and chance to run and play because of her breed. It’s amazing to me that there are those of us owners who wish to encourage people to think better of pits, and other owners who think badly of their very own furry companions. No wonder our breed gets a bad rep.

I understand that some of you have your opinion of “No pits in dog parks”. Good for you. And yes I read through some of the articles and “attack” news clips you all posted so I’m not avoiding it all. But the bottom line is that I know my dog inside and out, I have a degree in animal training, and am confident in my role as pack leader. My dog and I will continue to attend our local dog park and Sasha will continue to be an ambassador for her breed.