Cezar is 7 yrs. old and is


Cezar is 7 yrs. old and is not fixed. I have had a male friend here in the house for almost a month. He dog sat for me, while I was on vacation. The other night, Cezar was sitting on the couch with him. I went to get my cell phone off the couch right under Cezar…he must have thought i was going to hurt my friend. He growled, bared his teeth and grabbed my ear, and side of my head. Bad enough for me to go to the Emergency room. Sooooo now I am not comfortable and do not really trust Cezar at the moment. Contimplating, taking him to have him neutered. Hoping that will help with this agression. He was my sons dog for the first two years of his life. Maybe he just relates better to men. He has shown aggression to me before, but never this bad. HELP….