Butch is home with me all day

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Butch is home with me all day long, I’m a full time student and a stay at home mother. My son and I live with my parents also.

So our routine goes something like this, we wake up around 6 am every morning, (unless it’s the weekend) first things first, I take him out potty. Then we head up to my son Caden’s room and wake him for school. Butch always covers my kiddo with kisses, and Cade always says it’s his favorite way to wake up. Then Butch watches cartoons with him in the living room while I make breakfast. It’s absolutely adorable watching the two of them. Cade calls him his best buddy, and he definitely is. After breakfast is made and devoured, and cartoons are watched, we all get ready to head out to take my son to school. All of us put on our coats, Butch included. He doesn’t like the cold weather much, and shivers when he’s outside without his jacket. Butch also comes along for the car ride to school. =]

For the time being we are getting in as much playtime as possible, we just started his puppy shots today, and I don’t want Butch to get sick. So until I can start walking him we have lots of indoor and outdoor play. After my son is dropped off, we head home and play with his rope (tug-a-war), and then head outside to play ball. After our morning play time is done, we head inside, he eats his breakfast, and I start working on my homework for school. After he’s ate, generally he naps and snores up a storm. lol. By then my homework is complete, and we have a few hours, before we head off to the school to pick Cade up. So after all is said and done, he plays with our German Shepherd, Lacey, indoors and then we all venture outdoors. After the two of them are finished playing, he’s generally pretty pooped and we cuddle up on the couch for an hour or so before we pick up Cade. Then it’s off to pick him up from school, and another car ride for Butchie.

When we return home, all of us are outside playing ball. Butch and Cade do virtually everything together when he’s home from school. =] My parents also return home shortly after, he spends time cuddling with my Dad, and my mom. When they are ready for bed, he’s always back by my side. He eats his dinner, and is ready for bed. He snuggles on the couch with me, and falls fast asleep in my arms. And we do it all over again the next day.

Ahh, I forgot to mention we do obedience training through out the day in sessions generally lasting from 15-30 minutes at a time.