Butch is a cutie!  Who cares

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Butch is a cutie!  Who cares what he is mixed iwth, but I understand your wanting to know.  I would like to know what my dog is mixed with also.  If he is a mixed breed, you never know…he may not have any pit in him at all, though he may look like it!  But, he probably does.  True APBTs have a standard of what they look like, but not mixed breeds.  I don’t see any boxer in him. 

One thing to keep in mind about the DNA tests….you will more than likely not get the answers that you are looking for.  There are many DNA tests available out on the market, and several really reputable ones that can be done through your vet.  But…the genetic databases for most of the DNA testing companies is incomplete.  For example, one company only lists 46 breeds of dogs!  That is way less than half the number of total breeds of dogs in the world!  Another database for another company has 120+ breeds listed.  Here is the issue…for those of us who want to know if our dog has pit bull in them, we will never know.  None of the databases contain American Pit Bull Terrier in them.  There is American Staffordshire Terrier, and a few have Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but no one has American Pit Bull Terrier.  So, in my opinion (for what it is worth), I wouldn’t bother.  Who cares!  He is a cutie and leave it at that.  Because of the lack of genetic information on APBTs, that is why I haven’t bothered.  We rarely do DNA tests at our vet clinic on mixed breeds for those reasons that I mentioned.  But, it is up to you!  You could still find out what else your dog has in it.  You would be surprised what shows up! 

One other thing about the DNA tests…if you were to do 1 from each testing company, you would get all different results.  They rarely ever match.  That just goes to show how canine DNA databases are not too accurate.  It is hard to do when really all breeds of dogs are mixed breeds.  Purebreds were designed by breeding different breeds.  Personally, I think you should save your money and buy Butch some toys or yummy treats instead.

I just want to snuggle that face of his!  🙂