Be careful with the water

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Be careful with the water bottle! That is considered positive punishment, and that could actually do more harm than good in the future. Just keep that in mind. There are much better ways to handle the situation for the long term.

For dogs that jump when you or guest come in the door, DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE the dog at all. By showing the dog any kind of attention, that is reinforcing the jumping. Ignore the dog until all four are on the floor. Then praise the dog for not jumping. It may be a few minutes, it could be 15 minutes. The dog needs to be rewarded for calm behavior and NOT jumping. Teaching the dog to sit when people walk in the door is also a good way to reward the dog. Make sure to let your guests know to ignore your dog until the dog has calmed down. Once the dog is calm, then you and guests can pay attention to the dog.

Another way to stop the jumping is to fold your arms and turn away from the dog and walk away. Dogs don’t like for their humans to ignore them. Once the dog has calmed down, then you can give attention. But when the dog starts to jump, turn and walk away. Pushing the dog down is acutally reinforcing the jumping behavior because you are touching the dog. Yelling at the dog reinforces it too. Anything you do to acknowledge the dog will just reinforce the jumping/excitable behavior.

When you are sitting on the sofa and a dog is staring at you…IGNORE hiom. He is waiting for you to give him attention because he knows it has worked in the past. Now you have to reprogram his brain. You give the dog attention on your own terms. That sounds harsh, but in time you won’t have to do it anymore, and your dog will learn. If the dog jumps up on you when you are on the couch, get up immediately, and turn. Ignore the dog.

Dogs jumping is because they are excited. You don’t want to reward the excitement. That is the key. It may be cute, but it can cause issues down the road.