Awww…both of your stories


Awww…both of your stories make me sad 🙁 I’m sorry that the UK will not let you have pit bulls. I actually just saw dogs 101 on pit bulls and they said that. Best part is Pit Bulls were started in the UK,Ireland, and Scotland. It’s a sad day when people have to discriminate against everything that they fear! By boyfriend last summer almost got his cheek ripped off by an Australian Shepherd! That was scary. Luckily in Wisconsin, there aren’t too many pit bull laws, and where I go to college I have seen a couple of pit bulls, they are always excited to see people. Everything I read about the pit bull is they LOVE humans and if they show any aggression they should be put down.

Oh…and houch105 that is really sad that because one person got bit by a pit bull, and the vet didn’t know anything about them, he decided to ban them. I know its hard when someone gets bit, but there is no need to ban that dog. I know pit bulls have strong bite, but its the owners fault. I really wish there was a way I could help both of you to get the bans off these dogs! If you’d like I could ask how one of the employees at the humane society got the ban off pit bulls where I live? Sorry this is kind of long…but let me know if you want me to check into that 😀 It might take awhile to get the info, but I would love to help!