Aww the puppy stage.  Isn’t

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raisins mom

Aww the puppy stage.  Isn’t it fun?  = ) I adopted Raisin when he was 7 or 8 months so he was past the initial puppy stage altho he still chews.  We purchased our shepherd around 9 weeks and he was a biter as a pup (esp when teething). So we would buy  carrots and throw them in the freezer.  He loved them.  He will be two in May and still loves frozen carrots.  Ad for when he would chew on me I would say “No” or make an “eek” noise so he would release and then give him something else to chew on.  It helped some.

Raisin tho when he was chewing somethng he use to not like to give it up so we taught him the ” out”.   Basicaly I would give him something and then say out and take it away.  I then waited a few seconds to a minute then would give it back to him.  The “out” command has been a lifesaver. As far as if puppy latches a dress or clothing its pretty normal, kids running past, the excitement. Puppy just wants to join in the fun. That is when I would try the “out” and offer your puppy a different toy to chew on or exchange the unwanted article for a doggy treat.

Another great thing to start working on  with your pup is preventing any type of  food aggression.  My last dog I found  was food aggressive so that was my number one rule these dogs could not be. I had to feed him locked in a crate so that there was noway he could turn on someone that was near his food bowl.   We trained both dogs we have now they must wait and make eye contact w/ us before we feed them.  Then while they ate we practiced putting our hands in the bowl and moving their food around. Taking the bowl away then giving it back to them.  I can not tell you how many 911 calls I have taken for dogs who’s owners did not teach them this. 

Enjoy the puppy stage.  I don’t miss it but it was a fun experience to go through with our shepherd.  Shaping your pup into a great dog will be more rewarding then I can express on this page.