Athena is my second Pit Bull

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Athena is my second Pit Bull but my first, Ares, was killed by a hit and run vehicle. He had a completely different personality from Athena though. It was like night and day. He was so cool calm and collected… wheras Athena sometimes looks as if she needs some Ritalin. ha

But I have tried crate training. We started that when she was a puppy and I had to leave her home while I was at work. It went ok until the day she learned how to unlatched her door and escape. She is my little Houdini.

But I will definitely try the Kong. I am not going to be cheap either and pay the big bucks and pray it last more than a few days! Hopefully she’ll like the fact that it will have some of her favorite treats hidden inside of it. Thanks for the great advice!