As sad as it is pitbulls are


As sad as it is pitbulls are generally outlawed by the community, for the simple fact that people are uneducated…I am sorry for your heart wrenching situation you were placed in all based on the breed of your dog…seems like it would be right as a free country to have laws protecting these loving animals and protecting them from being discriminated against. Through out my whole life Ive been a dog lover and through out the years it was always”aww what a cute dog” I own my first pitbull and it seems like everyones first words are”is it gonna bite or dont let it by me”…WOW…My 8 year old son wanted to bring Marley into his 3rd grade class for show and tell…teacher didnt mind;but dut to the schools code pitbulls are one of the 3 breeds not allowed on the premises at all. I transport my children back & forth to school and its a shame that I cant choose to bring my dog with me in my car that I paid for and wait in it for my son to get outta school….Sorry such a long response but I totally feel ya and sadly i feel it happens to probably every pit owner. No pit is BAD if it acts out its because it was taught or provoked to do so just as any other animal…research shows golden retrievers are more aggressive than pitbulls so what does that say!!! Kuddos to my fellow pit supporters and to all you who abuse and mistreat these blessings from God i feel sorry for you and your ignorance.