as i always say, whatever

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go ask alice

as i always say, whatever works for you!

there are always gonna be people who are going to tell you that what your feeding you dog isnt what you should be, sometimes there right and sometimes there just being ignorant.

My pup is 4 1/2 old and i started making dog food for her, sometimes mixed with crunchies, and i’ll make her scrambled eggs sometimes and mix bacon grease (only suggested if your dog isnt over weight) with rice and vegatables with some liver and she loves it.
Everyday i usually change her food up, she seems to enjoy it and her coat and heath is absolutely perfect!
then other times i’ll just feed her wet food and crunchies (you should probably check the  ingredients first before buying).

So i would say whatever works best for you and your dogs, everyone is different, sometimes you just gotta check out other options (:

Good luck apollo & dukes mom!