Another vote for Nylabones!

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Another vote for Nylabones! My dog loves his, and they last for months. Whenever I catch him chewing on something he shouldn’t, I distract him (usually moving quickly and loudly to another room so he’s interested to follow me) and interest him in his bone instead. Then I praise and pet him for chewing his bone.

If your dog really likes to destroy stuff, you could also try giving her stuff to destroy – I give mine paper egg cartons with a bit of peanut butter smeared inside, paper towel rolls, etc., and he loves tearing them apart. I also – and this is such a cheap option – give him sticks. He loved chewing on my wood furniture, so I started giving him dead sticks from outside; he loves them and will work to get them (I make him sit, down, wait, whatever) and then he’ll chew them to bits. Those options make a mess, but it really helps him get his destructive energy out.

Also, totally get yourself a black Kong or two. My favourite trick right now is to use it to give him part of his dinner – so I feed him most of his dinner in his bowl, but the other half a cup or so goes in his Kong along with something wet and especially tasty – pumpkin or canned dog food or a bit of peanut butter – mixed in and on either end. I push and push with my thumb until the Kong’s as full as can be. Then I freeze the whole thing for a few hours. The frozen Kong lets him work out his chews and also gives him some mental stimulation as he figures out how to get the food out. This generally takes him an hour or more – and gives me a nice break!